pressurewasherIndustrial Cleaning Equipment; Parts, Sales, and Service


Cleaning Equipment: Whitco Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers, parts and other accessories. We also repair and service all of our cleaning equipment.


cleaningsolventssmallCleaning Solvents & Degreasers


Cleaning Solvents: Car and Truck Wash, Aluminum Brightener, Tire Shine, Multiple Strength Degreasers, Steam Cleaning Soaps, and Ruf-Neck Creo Cleaner. Order cleaning solvents in one gallons, 5 gallon pails, or 55 gallon drums.

janitorialsuppliessmallJanitorial Cleaners and Supplies


Cleaners and Supplies: Floor Sweep, Oil Absorbent, Vehicle Wash Brushes with handles, Fender Brushes, Stack Brushes, Heavy Duty Drum Pumps, Empty Drums, (metal and plastic, assorted sizes).

otherproductsOther Products


Other Products: Industrial Chemicals includes Hypo-chloride (Industrial Bleach), Isopropanol, Methanol, Mineral Spirits, Muriatic Acid, and Xylene. Disaster Kit includes empty 55 gallon drum w/heavy duty drum pump, plastic faucets, and three flammable labels.

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